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Our Mission

Nebraska Nurses advancing our profession to improve health for all.

Our Priorities

Collaboration, Advocacy, Recognition, & Education

Our Vision

Nebraska Nurses Association will be a proactive voice for nurses and an advocate for improved health for all.


NNA Membership Benefits

Some of the benefits to becoming a member of NNA include:

  • Access to Career Center job listings
  • Representation in the state house on critical issues
  • Local networking opportunities
  • Discounts on Continuing Education courses
  • and much more!


The Nebraska Nurses Association closely monitors important legislation and very often supplies testimony or expert insight into issues of concern to nurses for federal, state and local government, ensuring that nurses are adequately and effectively represented.  Each member helps to make the association a more powerful political advocate by lending his or her voice to the advancement, protection and promotion of the nursing profession.



“I am a member of the Nebraska Nurses Association to promote and elevate the profession of nursing. The Association works tirelessly for all Nebraska RNs by providing opportunities for continuing education, leadership development, and to advocate for healthcare issues that impact all Nebraska citizens. Advocacy happens on so many levels! Its easier than you think – you do it all the time!

The personal benefits of membership are numerous, too – liability insurance, networking opportunities with nurses, access to ANA’s vast repository of clinical information and leadership development material – just to name a few.

I encourage all RNs to join their ANA state association. Our voice is only stronger with you!”

Anna Mackevicius, BSN, RN, PMP

“I feel that all registered nurses, including advanced practice registered nurses, should be members of the Nebraska Nurses Association (NNA). NNA is the only organization that looks after the scope and professional practice of all 28,000 RNs in the state of Nebraska. I feel that if nurses are not active advocates for themselves, then others will gladly make decisions on our behalf—which is why I love the phrase, ‘If you aren’t at the table, then you are on the menu.’

Nurses are the most trusted profession and have been for the last 15 years. I want to make sure we stay #1 for another 15 years. It is our professional obligation to be members of our professional organizations, and I am proud to be a professional nurse because a majority of my practice is outside the requirements of nursing “merely as a job.’ Nursing is a true calling, and every nurse should feel compelled to demand it to be understood as their profession. As for my advanced practice colleagues, I want to remind each of you that maintaining the APRN license first requires continual excellence as an RN.“

Douglass Haas

“Membership in a professional nursing organization such as the Nebraska Nurses Association keeps you connected to your profession, advocates high standards of practice and promotes the welfare of nurses in the workplace.

As a member of the Nebraska Nurses Association some of the benefits include strengthening my knowledge on legislative issues, representing my voice for change and providing an avenue for continued education, leadership opportunities and networking among peers.“

Sue Rohlfs, MSN, MA, RN

Nurses Day at the Legislature

Thursday, March 1, 2018


Continuing Education

If you are interested in learning more about how to have an activity approved for nursing contact hours, the Nebraska Nurses Association can help!


Nebraska Nurses Foundation (NNF) is a public benefit corporation.

The purpose of the NNF is to serve nurses and the public by providing information and resources to improve health care.


Contact Us

P.O. Box 3107
Kearney, NE 68848